We're a network developed to design and conduct comparative effectiveness clinical trials in critical care.

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  • 3 main audiences for the website:
    • Patients/family Members/community members (lay audience)
      • Patient information sheets are a good starting point for content
    • General clinicians/researchers
    • Network-participating clinicians/researchers
  • Menu bar of the website will be split by audience similar to https://www.icudelirium.org/
    • Patients/family Members/community members
      • RSI
      • DEVICE
      • PREOXI
    • Clinicians/researchers
      • Current trials
      • Past trials
  • Landing page will feature news/current events
    • May pull in other members of the network to help generate content
  • Publications tab should link out to PubMed articles
    • Investigate whether PubMed allows publications to auto-update based on having PCCRG in author list
  • Other competitor websites:
  • Website will be built to allow for the addition of a password protected page for site investigators + possible form builder/document repository
  • Open to changes to the main PCCRG logo, but want to keep color pallet the same

like the look of: