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Derek W. Russell, MD

Oct 2022

University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center
Dr. Russell received his initial medical training (MD) at the University of Texas Medical Branch with his internal medicine internship and residency completed at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Russell began a clinical and research fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine at UAB in 2014. Following his fellowship, he joined the UAB faculty in July 2017. His research and clinical interests relate to the role of neutrophils and extracellular vesicles in pulmonary diseases characterized by neutrophilic inflammation and parenchymal damage such as COPD and ARDS, as well as pragmatic clinical trials on the management of critically ill patients. Dr. Russell has published and presented work on endotracheal intubation, management of respiratory failure, pragmatic clinical trials in the MICU, neutrophils in COPD, matrikines in COPD, exhaled breath biomarkers in ARDS and extracellular vesicles in neutrophilic inflammation. His ongoing work explores the role of neutrophil-derived exosomes in matrix destruction and lung disease.

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